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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Season's winding down...

My evil nemesis raised its ugly head today. After a couple absolutely beautiful, dry, sunny late summer days, it got heavy and sticky just in time to put on the fedora and go play some music. This time we were in a concrete canyon behind a glass cube in Bloomington, MN.

It's bizarre how these pyritic formations of metallic boxes have crystallized along the mightiest river system in North America. One mile from the sterility of the tinted panes, snowy egrets preened in dead cottonwoods and hunted in the Mississippi sloughs.

We were playing a private corporate party and while it was work--and sweaty work at that--the difference here was the pay. We were paid well and they had ice cream. Doesn't get much better than that if you have to grit your teeth and grind out a show.

The sad thing is that the season--the Minnesota bluegrass season runs from March to September if one is generous and the weather permits--is winding down. We don't have so many gigs on the schedule, the days are shorter, and the leaves are beginning to drop. There's a kind of brassiness to the afternoon sun that is one of the harbingers of fall to me.

I think we'll still keep working, though. It's looking good that we'll be able to harness some momentum and get our second CD done. We've done some talking about it, everyone is excited to do it, and now we just need to mark the dates on the calendars and do it. I'm stoked because we'll be recording a fair amount of originals.

I don't know if starting the blog has gotten the gears going or what, but I've been visited by some new musical ideas lately and have nearly finished a new song. I'll post the lyrics here when done just for kicks.

Been getting some good reading done lately, too:

Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie (one of those I always wanted to ready and finally am)
The Paper Grail, James P. Blaylock (speculative fiction set in Northern Californian...great stuff)
Lord of Light, Roger Zelazny (absolutely fantastic book--premise is that settlers on a far distant planet have developed technology to the point of godlike abilities and so they take on the attributes of the Hindu pantheon and reenact that mythology)

The last two were re-reads. The really good authors can bring me back over and over and still have something there for me to discover or see in a new light.

Time to go change the grungy strings out. I can just about hear the old string hawker out in the street: "New strings for old; new strings for old."


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Deb said...

You change strings??? ;)

I hear ya on the late summer feel to things. This summer has flown by way too fast. And we're still not in the house yet, although Tom has all the rafters notched and the crane's coming next week.

If it's any consolation for the end of the music season, I would love to work up some tunes some time.


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