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Monday, August 28, 2006

Media Solution

I believe--with the help of ace webslinger and killer artist Tom Gau (more to come on Mr. Gau)--that the mp3 hosting issue is solved.

So here's a tune I wrote a couple months ago as part of an exercise. I set myself the task of writing a tune a day for one week. Four of them were so-so--they sounded and played like exercises. Three of them sounded like music. I recorded this at home on a portable CD recorder so it's a bit rough.

It's in the key of F: untitled so far. I had been listening to the playing of Mike Compton a lot and so I wanted to try my hand at something that incorporated some of his style and feel but wasn't just a rehash. Don't know if I succeeded and don't really care so much about that. Time will tell if it holds up on its own.

Thanks for listening!


At 7:22 PM, Blogger Deb said...

Thanks for sharing! I find myself more and more drawn to tunes like that, and in the Compton style. That concert and workshop last year really gave me an idea of how I would like to play. And if I just explore a little while I'm playing, I sometimes come up with an idea like that, and then it's usually gone afterwards. :(


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