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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Fair...

I'm not a big fair guy for many of the same reasons as Deb but I had to go on Saturday to see my friend Cati Jo.

Cati Jo (nearly 13) is a fiddler who I've played with many many times over the past couple years, both on stage and off. She's absolutely fantastic and a great person to boot.

I called down to Cati Jo because Missy and I were going down to the Twin Cities to run some errands and I figured we could get together with CJ's mom, Sandi, and maybe have lunch. What I had forgotten was that CJ was appearing that day in the Minnesota State Fiddler's Assn Fiddling Contest at the State Fair. Missy and I changed plans on the fly and made ready to go.

The MN State Fair is huge. It's immense. It's crammed wall to wall with people, booths, signs, lights, noises, speakers, activities, free stuff, hawkers, and rides. If crowds are your thing, you'd be in heaven. It ain't for me but for one afternoon I can deal with it.

Here's a low res camera shot to give you some idea of the crowds. This was taken during the afternoon, before things get rolling.

The contest was great. There were about 16 kids in the 12-and-under group, a bunch in the young adult, maybe 6 in the adult and a pair in the over 60 camp (local hero Bill Hinkley won that). I'm not a big fan of contest music as a rule--too many contest players I've met can play a handful of tunes extraordinarily well but can't jam for fun to save their souls--but what I enjoyed seeing was how many kids were playing old time fiddle music AND how many people came out to support it.

CJ placed 2nd out of 16. I thought she won it--she played superbly. Here she is with her plaque:

We grabbed a modest amount of fair food and took off not long after the contest. If things go well, the next time I go back, they'll be paying me: the W'pigs played the fair last year and hope to do so again.


At 4:56 AM, Blogger Deb said...

Congrats to Cati Jo! If I had known she was playing, I would have sneaked over there for a listen.

Vincent is going to the fair today with a friend. At his age, he'll enjoy it a lot more than us adults.


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